Come and get 'em! - Relaunch

Oh dear jolly goodness!! WE’RE BACK! Our pink door is once again open for business and we could not be more excited! Over the past few weeks, the chocolatiers have been working hard to make sure we were well and truly stocked up for our relaunch. It’s been wonderful to see the chocolate flowing again!

Ohhh, how we have missed the smell (and taste) of a freshly made batch, how we have missed the giggles of the chocolatiers while they work their magic and most of all, how we have missed YOU! Our amazing customers. Sure, we have stayed connected on social media, through comments and DM’s but there is simply nothing better than reading your reviews and seeing you enjoy our chocolatey creations like they were intended. That’s right friends, COME AND GET ‘EM!

“So, did you have a nice holiday?” Hahaha, you're funny! No, contrary to what you might think, the Hey Tiger team was busier than ever. First off, we wanted to make sure we entertained ya’ll while many of us were cooped up at home. We decided to create fun, educational and energising content for our social channels and we were blown away by your positive reactions! Did you do one of our ISO workouts with Mark? Did you bake one of our chocolatey creations from our #cookingtigerstyle segment? Did you ease into your weekend listening to our Bedtime Time Stories with Eric? Did you do one of our awesome DIY projects with Kitiya Palaskas? Check out our at home hair tips with award winning hair icon Hermiz? Did you make cocktails with Ava, the founder of our fave sunscreen brand Ultra Violette? What about our chat with Dr. Jo Mitchell, Founder and Director of The Mindroom? And our chat with Tara from our charitable partner The Hunger Project? WOWZERS! It sure was a ride!

During this time, we also had the opportunity to reflect on Hey Tiger and what we could do better as a business. We asked ourselves, what would Hey Tiger look like post lockdown, what would we need to do to ensure the growth of Hey Tiger and most importantly, how do we ensure the health and safety of our team during this strange time?

As you might have noticed, a few things have changed. We’ve reduced our offering to our top 8 flavours in full size only. It was a tough call to say goodbye to all our Hall of Roar bars but it was one we had to make. But not to worry! We will continue to bring you limited edition bars throughout the year!


What is the Hall of Roar you ask? The Hall of Roar holds a limited selection of past favourites that are no longer part of our signature range. So if there is a particular flavour you love, you better stock up as they are selling out fast. 

In addition to this, we have one final change! We’re no longer producing mini size bars. We know, it’s sad! We’re going to miss these little buggers too. We still have a super limited selection of mini bars available, which you can also find in our Hall of Roar while stocks last.

Other than that, and the increased health and safety regulations and shipping updates, you can expect the same Hey Tiger experience you know and love. From our delicious and out-of-this-world flavours to that luxurious and fun filled unboxing delight. Basically, what we’re saying is... WE’RE BACK BABY!