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Do Good

Chocolate is one of life’s great pleasures. Unfortunately, the current chocolate industry is also fraught with suffering. Every Hey Tiger product purchased contributes to a more equitable global landscape through our ethical sourcing and production practices, and donation to The Hunger Project. Read how on our Mission and The Hunger Project pages.

The Hunger Project is an incredible charity working towards sustainably ending world hunger. Their empowerment-focused strategies position people living in hunger as the solution, not the problem. 2% of each Hey Tiger purchase contributes to Social Development and Women’s Empowerment and Entrepreneurship initiatives. Read more about how we work with The Hunger Project here.

We value animal and environmental welfare, but we can’t tackle every issue at once. Our primary goal is to remove human suffering from the chocolate supply and production chain, and to make a significant difference we need to give people a product they know and love. Far and away the most customer demand is for chocolate with dairy in it. We’re working to expand our range to include plant-based chocolate – watch this space.

We purchase our cocoa using a system that regularly audits the supply chain, weeding out occurrences of underpayment, forced labour or enslavement, and child or underage labour. This program pours funds back into social and environmental development schemes to ensure that the communities who supply our cocoa can prosper from the cacao trade, not be exploited by it. 

We have strict rules in place to ensure we only work with those who fulfil the following criteria:

1. They must purchase cacao above the average market price to help secure livelihoods for farmers. We place specific focus on ensuring child labour is not part of the supply chain. 

2. They must uphold environmental practices to ensure the viability of cacao farming for the long term. 

3. They have established CSR practices that are directed towards cacao-producing communities. Different suppliers have distinct programs in place, so we individually review each supplier. 

Read more about sourcing and production on our Mission page.

We ensure that all our cacao is sourced ethically, and Fairtrade certification is just one component of that. 

One of the cacaos we use is Fairtrade, while the rest are under a different auditing scheme. This allows us to ensure that the higher prices we pay for cacao actively contribute to equitable working conditions and community empowerment. This model is the best way for Hey Tiger to give straight back to the chocolate industry and associated communities.

While we, as consumers, usually only see the gorgeous end product of a chocolate block, there is a lot more to it than that.

The mainstream chocolate industry is fraught with suffering. There are millions of women and children in forced labour situations on cacao farms in West Africa, where the majority of cacao comes from. 2/3 of farmers are living below the poverty line, and there are also an estimated 1.56 million children missing out on their youth due to child labour.

This has to change. When you buy Hey Tiger, you vote for a more equitable landscape foreveryonein the chocolate industry. Read more about the current chocolate industry and how we’re championing change on our Mission page.


Hey Tiger HQ is here to help. Head to our Contact page to get in touch — we’re happy to answer any queries you have.

Hey Tiger stands by our commitment to ethical sourcing, charitable donation, and incredible chocolate. You can read more about this on our Mission and The Hunger Project pages. Under our new Soulfresh ownership, we’ve got the resources to make sure you’ll be enjoying Hey Tiger for a long time to come.

Hey Tiger is made with a whole lot of love right here in Melbourne! We love having our team so close together to create and innovate our delicious chocolate.

Our chocolate’s favourite place to be is in your mouth, but will be almost as happy hanging out in any cool, dry place. Ideally, store Hey Tiger at a mid-teens temperature out of direct sunlight. 

Fun fact: the softening point of chocolate is about 21°C, and the melting point is 29°C. Do with this information what you will.

At Hey Tiger, we're committed to creating chocolate options that cater to a diverse range of tastes and dietary preferences. While we don't currently have any vegan-friendly blocks in our range, we're always exploring new flavours and innovations to tantalise your taste buds. Be sure to stay connected by subscribing to our mailing list for updates on new products.

Nope, Hey Tiger is proudly palm-oil free.

Looking for your do-good chocolate fix? You can find us at independent retailers and select Woolworths stores. Head to our Store Locator to track down your closest HT dealer.

We currently have one block that is gluten-free: Best Mates. This flavour is gluten-free by ingredient, meaning that we don't use any gluten-containing ingredients. However, please note that it is made in a facility that handles gluten. While we have processes in place to prevent cross-contamination, we recommend consulting your health professional if you have a gluten allergy before consuming.

We’ve changed one ingredient in Best Mates. It previously contained a sunflower lecithin, but now uses a soy-based lecithin. We’ve included a Contains Soy marker on the back of the pack; please do not consume if you have a soy allergy.

As we got back up and running after our brief break, we needed to make a few changes to ensure Hey Tiger will be around for the long haul. One of these changes was moving the inclusions from the back of the blocks into the block itself. Pinky promise it’s just as tasty!


For influencer, artist, or other collaboration enquiries, please contact us via our Contact page.

Please get in touch with your third party supplier.

We hear you. It’s not lost on us that Hey Tiger is more expensive than your average supermarket chocolate. When you choose to indulge in Hey Tiger chocolate, you’re not only purchasing a top-quality product but also supporting life-changing ethical initiatives.

We use super strict ethical supply chain standards, which are routinely audited to eliminate mistreatment and exploitation such as forced or underage labour. Purchasing cacao in this way means that we pay 3-5 times the standard price, but we think you’ll agree that it’s worth it.

On top of this, we source most of our scrumptious inclusions locally. We go the extra mile to delight your eyes and taste buds with our chocolate, creating a truly premium product.

Add on our charity partner donation model, and that’s a whole lot of factors stacked up. We are always trying to keep our prices as low as possible for you. Hey Tiger is not just a chocolate, it’s an experience. We think between our ethical supply chain, our incredible taste, and our donation model, our chocolate is worth that bit extra. We hope you agree.

We are! We have a new home and a new bunch of legends to hang out with. Soulfresh is a movement manifested as a company; they are free thinkers who love innovation and looking for better solutions for the planet. You see why we get along, right?

Soulfresh makes brands you may already know and love, like Nutty Bruce, Pico Chocolate, and Lo Bros Living Drinks. Soulfresh and Hey Tiger are the dream team for disrupting the chocolate industry for good.

If you’re looking to treat your staff or clients with the best gift on the market, we’ve got you covered. Head to our Corporate Gifting page for information on how to enquire and order.

For stockist enquiries, please contact us via our Contact page.

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