Loved By

“Eye-candy packaging, profits to a great cause and handmade, ethically sourced, great-tasting chocolate make Hey Tiger a roaring success in our book”
“Rosé chocolate is here and, OMG, it’s millennial pink too. Shut up and take our money.”
“The good stuff. If your treat isn’t working overtime to do good, it’s not worth the indulgence. Enter, Hey Tiger, ethically sourced chocolate that also funds community development projects.”
“Hold onto your butts, Melbourne. The mad choccy scientists at Hey Tiger have released a Blue Mermaid chocolate bar, and it’s all kinds of Ariel/Smurfs-approved goodness.”
“Look, if we had to perish in a river of chocolate à la Augustus Gloop, we’d quite like it to come from Melbourne chocolatiers Hey Tiger. Their treats are tasty as heck."
“I can’t even tell you how GOOD it is! The packaging design and presentation is second to none. I love everything about Hey Tiger”
- @mybeardedpigeon
“Bloody good choccy (and cute packaging!)”
- @Ashausten_
“I recently found heaven and it was deliciously smooth. Still licking my lips as a little bit goes a long way."
- Anna, via email
"Best premium Chocolate I have ever tasted. Totally addictive"
- Jodee, via email
“Next level delicious”
- @alexandra.sinclair_
“Chocolate from Hey Tiger is a game changer. Vegan never tasted so good”
- @ameeliah
“I got gifted some Hey Tiger and they are actual CHOCOLATE CRACK! So good! Well done!”
- @sophiedoyle
“Love it! It’s amazing. Can’t say i’ve ever been this excited over chocolate”
- @emma_snowsill