Meaning of Love - From the Kitchen

Flex Mami x Hey Tiger

Self love, bestie love, and family love. Our favourite barista love, work wifeys, and our one-and-onlys. Valentine’s day has arrived and we’re here to spread the love. This February, we want to explore the deeper connections between the bonds we share with each other and what they mean to us. Why are we drawn to the people in our lives? What makes these connections so special? The queen of deep and meaningfuls—Lillian Ahenkan aka Flex Mami—is here to join us on this exploration of love.

Flex Mami, the CEO and Founder of conversation card game ReFlex, has teamed up with us to create three heavenly bars this Valentine’s season. There’s a new flavour designed by the one and only, Flex Mami. We also have two of our signature flavours in fresh, Flex-inspired packaging.



Some like it hot. Others like it a bit more modest. When it comes to chocolate, Flex is somewhere in between. Being a bit of a picky eater (aren’t we all though?), she takes us back to classic childhood flavours with a quirky spin. The Full Flex bar is a perfect union of that taste experience. Hey Tiger signature milk chocolate blend that’s creamy on the pallet. Rainbow sprinkles on the smooth side and glitter popping off the pyramid side. Yes, we can hear it calling you too. So dig in!



The bar for the season. Coconut & Caramelized Popcorn dancing through delicious milk chocolate. Perfect for sharing with your bestie, or anyone else you love. Each bite inspiring new D&Ms between you both: What makes your friendship so strong? How can you keep the love going?



This bar will seduce your tastebuds and transform your perspective. A smooth, dairy-free chocolate bar with hints of hazelnut butter. Something different for our ever-changing world. Let this bar melt in your mouth, as you mull over the juicier questions of life.

Each bar comes with one of three unique limited edition Reflex Cards, each with questions to help you have better conversations, connect and get closer to each other. 

Collect them all and let’s get the conversation started! ; )


“What’s not to love about Hey Tiger. Not only are the chocolates incredible, but they’ve put their money where their mouth is when it comes to social change and advocacy for human rights. What we’ve made together is a testament to the magic that happens when people who care, collaborate”. — Lilian Ahenkan, Flex Mami