Mini Envelope & Card - DIY Projects

We’ve been obsessed with Kitiya Palaskas’ work for years now! She is the author of the DIY craft book, Piñata Party and her bold coloured, uber creative and simply stunning work has been on our inspiration board well before Hey Tiger was even a thing. A quick scroll though her Instagram feed doesn’t only convince you of this lady’s obvious talent, but also leaves you with the biggest smile on your face! That’s why we’re super proud of our little iso collab! 

Kit has taken our packaging and created 3 craft projects that we will be releasing over the coming weeks. Each dreamed up to create connection in this time of isolation. First up, this awesome little envelope and card for your love letters. A clever way to turn our packaging into an envelope and card to send to your loved ones. 

You will need:

  • Empty Hey Tiger chocolate packet (Easy!)

  • An additional piece of cardboard, from another Hey Tiger packet

  • Double-sided tape (glue or normal sticky tape will do if you don’t have double-sided tape!)

  • Ruler

  • Scissors

  • Pencil

    STEP 1

    Dissect your chocolate packet in the same way we’ve done in the picture. Discard everything except the main centre piece.


    STEP 2

    On the back side of this piece, measure and draw a horizontal line 6.5cm up from the triangle edge.


    STEP 3

    Fold along this horizontal line, then draw another horizontal line at the top edge of the folded piece.


    STEP 4

    Cut off the two edge bits on either side as shown in the picture.


    STEP 5

    Flatten out the piece again and dissect it in the same way we’ve done in the picture. Discard the cut off bits. 


    STEP 6

    On your main piece you should now have a thin rectangular tab on the right and left. Stick a strip of double-sided tape onto the patterned side of each of these tabs. Fold the bottom of the envelope up and stick it over the tabs.


    STEP 7

    Trim off the little excess triangles on the inside of the envelope.



    Your envelope is now complete! Use the additional piece of cardboard from another Hey Tiger packet to create a little folded card that fits inside the envelope. Write a secret message to someone you love and gift it to them with their favourite bar of Hey Tiger chocolate. 

    As obsessed as we are? Obviously. Then hop over to for more creativity by Kitiya!