The Hey Tiger Guide to Gettin’ it Done this Christmas

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Holy Macaulay Culkin! It’s almost Christmas! 

But we’ll let you in on a little Hey Tiger secret:

Christmas doesn't have to be the eye-twitching, shallow breathing, fountain of cortisol it’s made out to be! 

No, no, no - we know a way you can relax, roll yourself up in tinsel, and enjoy every sparkly long-lunchy minute of the Christmas season. And we call it…outsourcing to the experts! US being said experts.

Just leave the gifting to Hey Tiger. 

We’ve created a gorgeous, ready-to-go gift box full of our limited-edition Christmas delights.

Our Christmas gift boxes are just a click away - available right here on our website (far from the nightmare that is the SHOPPING CENTRE CAR PARK shudder).

Ordering and shipping is super simple - just get your list together, put your feet up and let’s get it done this Christmas!

So, what’s in the box?
We have 3 Christmas treats for you - perfect for everyone from your PT and your barista - to your bestie, your choco-fiend father and of course the most important person in your life - yourself. 

All are solid-gold, festive-season crowd pleasers.

First up we would like to introduce you to (drumroll…)

Legendary Aunt Linda. You know her. Oh how you know HER! The first one on the table, always the last one to leave. It’s certainly not Christmas unless she’s fabulously cutting a rug with a glass of bubbles and her favourite flashing bauble earrings. In her honour we’ve created this part sweet part crazy (bit like the legend herself) combo of silky milk chocolate, sprinkles of spekulaas cookie crumble and sweet chewy cherry jubes.


Next on our Christmas list is…Squirreled Away.

Forget unicorns and magical white whales  - those bushy tailed little nut bandits - squirrels - are our spirit animals. We even named a Christmas choccie after them! Each one contains a secret stash of sugared hazelnuts, soft waffle pieces, in a scrummy bed of dreamy milk chocolate.

And finally our third Christmas surprise for you is…well hello there to our old mate Oh Crumbs

We decided that it just isn't Christmas without this much-loved gingerbread spectacular! If you don't know - Oh Crumbs is our ode to all those special times with the fam making the gingerbread treats.

Every little bite is pure magic - spiced gingerbread crumbs smothered in caramelised white chocolate.

So there you have it - your Hey Tiger Christmas is literally all wrapped up.

But we only have a limited supply of Hey Tiger Christmas gift boxes so when they’re gone - they’re gone! Grrr.