A Very Chrissy Collab…with Elin Matilda Andersson

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Hey there, Tigers.

For us the twinkle of Christmas begins long before the jangly sounds of Mariah Carey hits the instore PA system. We dust off our Ugly Christmas jumpers - super EARLY. 

And the top of our Christmas to-do-list was to create a new festive range of gift blocks that are as beautiful to give as they are to eat.So after much plotting, dreaming, concocting and let’s face it - eating - we are  pleased to announce…3 stupendously delicious and totally gifty new Hey Tiger Christmas blocks.

But as you know - it ain't Hey Tiger without some seriously beautiful packaging from our insanely talented tribe of artists who bring their gorgeous vision and skill, then and smoosh it up with our yummy do-good chocolate.

This year we have been lucky enough to team up with the incredible Elin Matilda Andersson - an artist, illustrator and designer with a top shelf bursting with awards for her craft, and who has brought her whimsical visual storytelling to create this trilogy of Christmas designs for you to gift this holiday season.

Anyway, let’s meet Elin and hit her up with a bunch of silly questions shall we:

Tell us a bit about you?
I’m a Swedish-Australian who moved to Sydney nearly 14 years ago. For a few years I have been based on the NSW South Coast, Dharawal Country, with my partner, our dog and two-year-old daughter. It's one of the most beautiful places on earth and I feel so privileged that I get to live on it.

I started out as a graphic designer but knew right from the beginning that illustration was my true calling. I love the variety, the balance of being an artist and collaborating with others, and getting to work with awesome clients doing great things.

Who or what inspired you to become an artist?
There are a number of Scandinavian illustrators whose work has inspired me for a long time. To name a few — Olle Eksell, Tove Jansson, Petra Börner and Annelie Carlström.

What kind of doodles appeared all over little-Elin’s school books?
There would probably have been an array of funny creatures, dinosaurs, bubble letters and one or two unflattering teacher portraits!

We love all of your kooky animal characters - what is your favorite? And what is your favorite actual animal?
I guess… PINGU?! Fave animal, tough one… It’s a close call between echidna and dog.

What mediums do you work in?
Paint, ink, paper collage, Paper App and Photoshop.

White, Dark or Milk?

What other social impact brands make your heart sing?
The Social Outfit is a non-for-profit fashion label run by a team of amazing women who I think everyone should support. Apart from providing employment and training to people from Sydney’s refugee communities, their products are made from material offcuts that would otherwise end up in landfill. CEO Camilla Schippa is a fantastic person and a good friend of mine. (thesocialoutfit.org)

Mood Tea sells really yummy herbal teas with all profits going towards funding mental health projects and saving young lives. Last year I had the great opportunity to illustrate their packaging. (mood.org.au

What was your approach for the Hey Tiger artwork?
To create a cheeky, festive vibe that was both Christmassy and distinctively Australian.

Anything cool in the pipeline you could tell us about?
I was recently selected for the City of Sydney’ Siteworks: Creative Hoardings program. As someone who’s been a hustling creative in Sydney for most of my professional life, this felt like a huge milestone. The artwork (which is koala-themed) will hopefully pop up around the city over the next year. I haven’t yet had a lot of large-scale work so this really excites me.

I’m also trying to write a kids book about a spider.

Who are you playing on repeat at the moment?
This feels like a dark secret, but I’m not super into music. I listen to A LOT of podcasts though. Lately I’ve been obsessed with You’re Dead to Me — a very dry and nerdy BBC history-comedy podcast. (Hah!)

What weird and wonderful things do you find inspiration in?
Kids books, wacky vintage fashion, all the animals. Nature, in general. Wine infused dinner conversations. The antics of my toddler. Trusting and enjoying the intuitive act of making.

Any plans for Christmas yet?
To spend as much time on the beach as possible. (I’m still in denial about La Niña 2.0.)

Your go-to Hey Tiger chocolate?
Summer in the City. Nutty, crunchy & salty — yes please!

Where else can we see your work?
At @_elinmatilda on Instagram + elinmatilda.com. :~)