The Legend of the Easter Tiger

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Once upon a time, in a place not so far from here, there lived a mischievous creature known as the Easter Tiger.

Unlike the ordinary Easter Bunny, the Easter Tiger was a fearsome predator with razor-sharp claws and teeth as sharp as a knife. But don’t let her appearance deceive you – the Easter Tiger was known for her playful antics and love for extraordinary chocolate.

Every Easter, the Easter Tiger would emerge from her hidden den to search far and wide for the boldest, best, most imaginative chocolate in the land. And in the early hours of the morning on Easter Sunday, she would slink into homes and deliver these vibrant chocolate treats to unsuspecting adults who had long since retired hope that the Easter Bunny would keep visiting them. But those with youthful hearts, playful souls, and a fine palate for chocolate always deserve the delight of surprise.

As the years stretched on, the Easter Tiger grew weary. Chocolate became more unethical, more commercial, more boring. Her joints ached as she grew older and the magic of brilliant chocolate faded.

Easter came and went, year on year. The Easter Tiger struggled on, determined to continue her legacy of Easter magic. She resolved to give Easter one more try. This year, she would expand her search: dig deeper, look further, follow the magic.

And so she did. She followed the tremble of her tail, the tickle of her whiskers, the twitch of her nose. She swam, she climbed, she ran for stretches that reinvigorated her tired limbs with the energy of chocolate magic.

After months of searching, the Easter Tiger sat, puzzled, before a building. Her magic tingle had come to a peak, then settled into a fulfilled stillness. She was so far from the jungle; what magic could possibly be contained within these walls? She looked closer. Hey Tiger HQ, she read. Was there a tiger in there? She wondered with horror.

As the Easter Tiger stood in front of Hey Tiger HQ, she felt a mix of apprehension and excitement. She stalked forward, pushing open the doors to reveal herself to Team HT in all her glory.

 A hush fell over the room. All had heard the myth of the legendary Easter Tiger – but it was no more than a myth. Right? As all beheld this mythical creature, it was clear that the believers had been right all along.

The hush turned into a buzz as all clamoured to greet the Easter Tiger. She was fawned over, showered with chocolate, adored. The Easter Tiger was welcomed with open arms, eagerly telling her stories of chocolate magic. From her first square of Hey Tiger chocolate, she knew that her senses had guided her home.

Team HT were inspired by her determination and passion, and vowed to carry on the Easter Tiger's legacy of keeping Easter magic alive. Together, the Easter Tiger and Team HT devised a plan to sustain this magic.

They slaved over flavours, production practices, ethical sourcing. After what seemed like ages of hard but rewarding labour, their collection was complete: a perfect storm of the Easter Tiger's expertise and Team HT's love for bold flavours and innovative approach to chocolate making. The result: a range of chocolates unlike anything the world have ever seen.

In the early hours on Easter Sunday, the Easter Tiger completed her final Easter escapade. She distributed Hey Tiger across Australia,

She stalked through the night across Australia, leaving behind a trail of chocolate, of do-good deliciousness, scattered in her wake. Unsuspecting adults would soon rise to rediscover the magic of Easter.

As the sun rose, the Easter Tiger watched from a distance, her heart filled with joy and a deeper sense of peace.

She turned to leave, knowing that she could now rest. Her legacy had been passed on to a new generation of chocolatiers, who shared her passion for chocolate that pushed the boundaries of extraordinary.

She let out a mighty roar: a sign of gratitude and farewell. Then she slunk away and disappeared into the distance, safe in the knowledge that she would forever be remembered as the innovative, spirited creative fire who brought magic to Easter.

Today, Hey Tiger carries on the legacy of the Easter Tiger.

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