So what does Do-Good chocolate mean?

On the surface it can appear to be very simple - chocolate is one of life’s little gifts to be enjoyed by everybody. Unfortunately, it simply doesn't work like that. Around the world, there are millions of people suffering to bring us this chocolate joy. 

This has to change. 


The not good bit:

The cacao industry is a broken one. Currently there are millions of women and children in forced labour in West Africa - where the majority of cacao comes from. The average worker earns around .73c per day which is drastically under the poverty line. We believe everyone in the chocolate industry deserves to prosper. 

It is from this belief that Hey Tiger was created. A chocolate that was fair and oh so delicious and that showed the world that whimsical, fantastical and downright ridiculous chocolate could be done right!

So we start upstream in our supply chain and how we work with our supplier to make damn sure that there is no mistreatment of workers or forced labor. Then, we donate 2% from each block sold to our partners at The Hunger Project.