We’re back and ready to roar!

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Yeahhh we kinda left in a hurry. 

One minute we all were eating ridiculously good chocolate, having a ball on Instagram and feeling great about our work with the Hunger Project. And then we smoke-bombed in a cloud of magic dust… As it turns out, hand-making chocolate on the scale we were wasn’t so viable in the long term. Where’s Kris Jenner when you need her?

Luckily, we had some big fans over at Soulfresh, a company that shares our mission to disrupt food and beverages for a better world. They put up their hand to help us out and take the reins. So here we are! Back, back again. With some new brothers and sisters: Lo Bros, Another Bloody Water and Nutty Bruce, just to name a few. 

So, in mid-2022, we shimmied back onto shelves in independent supermarkets and stores across Australia and we’ve felt the love pour in. We brought back classic Hey Tiger faves like Glitter Kitten, The Weekend, and Best Mates, as well as introducing our first Hey Tiger & Soulfresh collab - Soul Tiger. A work of genius. 

Most importantly we’re once again on a mission to support The Hunger Project and the incredible work they do to empower women, children and men across the world, and importantly for us - in West Africa where most of the world's chocolate is sourced. We’re still donating 2% of every block to the Hunger Project. 

We’ve also given our website and online store a reboot. You’ll find a bunch of new bundles with quick and easy delivery, so you can once again stock up from the comfort of your bathtub, your couch, a spin class, a lunch break or wherever your Hey Tiger hankering hits you.

We know you love to share the Hey Tiger gorgeousness so gifting is a priority with our relaunch. You find all sorts of gift boxes, to suit all sorts of budgets. Shop here and be THAT friend! 

As for the future – our inventive chocolatiers are busy working on lots of delicious new creations. Keep reading our blogs and connect with us on our socials to stay in the know!

Thank you for coming on the journey with us - your love for Hey Tiger means the world and changes the world. 

Team HT x