The Stocking Stuffers - From the Kitchen

Well ho, ho, ho to you my fellow chocolate lover! It’s less than a month before Christmas! I hear you’re still torn over what to get for your Kris Kringle? Oh the one from marketing who you’ve only seen virtually for most of the year? Yeah, we wouldn’t know that to get them either.

Wait, hmm...chocolate?!?!


The Minis

Check these minis out! They’re so adorable; so versatile! Add ‘em on, add ‘em up. They’d be a great addition to your holiday stockings, or enjoyed alone, in your holiday stockings. Whoops, sorry! We’re looking for a gift for your colleague, right? Of course the minis would be a great gift!

Festive Fulls

Have you had a look at our Festive Fulls? This year we have the return of our Christmas in July hit: Oh Crumbs! Light the Night also makes its winey and wintry homecoming. Pair these up with newcomers, Berry Delightful or Lazy Dayzy, and you’re sure to have a gift they would absolutely love.

The Bestest Kris Kringle Gift Pack!

You got this you Kris Kringler extraordinaire. Combine the most delicious of all: our Bestest Kris Kringle Gift. Buttered pecan & butterscotch toffee (oh you fancy!), orange & hazelnut (yum!), and marshmallow (oh my ooey gooey goodness!). Christmas is officially sorted.