The Christmas Tiger - Bedtime Stories

The Christmas Tiger

It’s Christmas Eve, are you ready yet?

Have you wrapped all the games, and toy train sets?

 Is the turkey on? What’s the oven temp?

All through the air is a very piney scent.


Christmas time, my favourite of the year.

I love giving gifts, I love spreading cheer.

Home Alone I decorate, with jingles turned all the way up.

On the big day I celebrate, with friends and a potluck.


So much joy to be had, so much love to give.

Can we do this year-round? That’s the best way to live!

Milk and cookies are placed, and all lights are out.

Into my bed I drift, while Santa flies his route.


I hear a knock on the roof, quick! Pretend to sleep!

Hmm...I wonder what Santa has brought for me?


Written and read by Eric Burton

As 2020 comes to an end, we wish you a happy and safe holiday season and look forward to a brighter 2021 with you. With love, The Hey Tiger Team! xx