Tassel - DIY Projects

Here is the last instalment from the queen of craft Kitiya Palakas. This week she teaches us how to make adorable tassels. They make the perfect decorative topper for your wrapped gifts. Or...if you’ve got as many empty chocolate boxes as we do, you can make an entire decorative string of these cheery little guys! Get creating, and enjoy a little more chocolate while you're at it.

You will need

  • Empty Hey Tiger chocolate packet
  • Yarn or string
  • Double-sided tape (glue will do if you don’t have double-sided tape!)
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

Step 1

Dissect your chocolate packet in the same way we’ve done in the picture. Discard everything except the long patterned strip on the left and the smaller patterned rectangle on the right. 


Step 2

Using the rectangular piece of your chocolate packet, measure and draw a horizontal line 1cm down from one of the long edges. Under this line, measure and draw vertical lines all the way across the length of the card, 0.5cm apart.


Step 3

To create a fringe for your tassel, make cuts along each of the vertical lines, stopping at the horizontal line.


Step 4

Stick a strip of double-sided tape above the horizontal line on your fringed piece, then roll up the piece to form your tassel.


Step 5

Cut the long patterned strip in half and discard one piece. 


Step 6

Stick a piece of double-sided tape onto the back of the half strip you have left. To finish off the tassel, roll the strip around the top uncut part of the tassel, securing your piece of yarn inside as you roll to form a hanger. 


Your tassel is now complete! Aren't they just the cheeriest, most nostalgic creations?! Now, make a bunch of them and use them to decorate wrapped gifts for your loved ones. And please share it with us on Instagram. We can’t wait to see your creations!

To see more of Kitiya's stunning work, hop over to her website at kitiyapalaskas.com.