Our Magic Hour - Musings from the Tiger team

Hello! I'm Bree : ) I look after all things marketing and PR at Hey Tiger. I have written a little piece that I wanted to share with you about a creative project called #aloneoutside. Since the outbreak of this global pandemic, I, like many of you, have tried to find some things to do to keep my mind occupied. I am looking for moments of joy and doing things that make me and others around me feel happy.

#aloneoutside is a photographic project that started at the beginning of ISO. Whether it’s early morning or sunset, my partner Josh and I go for a walk to get some fresh air and exercise, while taking some quick photographs of our empty and quiet neighbourhood. Well, he usually takes the photos (incredible photos, actually) and I just help scout locations or interesting spots. 

Recently, Josh has handed over his camera and started to teach me the ropes. I am definitely not a pro (ha!) but I love having this time to learn and be creative together. I know it sounds so simple, but this hour is so special to me. 

We’ve been together for about 12 years (it will be 13 years in December.. oh gosh! How time flies). Josh has been into filmmaking and photography since I met him.. so it feels nostalgic, fun and creative all at the same time. Like we’re two high school kids again and working on our latest project in Media class (that’s how we met). 

During this time, with all the craziness that is happening in the world, we have an hour of peace and creativity, where strangers are distant yet polite and warm. If there is anything that’s stood out to me during all of this, it is the kindness and connection within the community. 

I have always been the type to say g’day to anyone, smile or try to start a conversation with Bob, Betty or Larry (anyone who passes me by really). Yes, I am THAT girl who will speak to you in the lift to break an awkward silence or THAT girl who will wave you down at the gym. I just love a good chat and to be honest, I haven’t always gotten a response. But right now, even at 1.5 metres away, people are smiling back, initiating conversation or just saying a friendly hello, as if we’re just a couple of old mates. It’s really nice. 

Yes, it’s an intense and weird time. But in a world where we’re more lonely than ever, I know I will look back on this daily ritual with a sense of fondness. It’s a simple walk at the beginning or end of each day. Just the two of us together, surrounded by our quiet neighbourhood and a handful of kind strangers. Our magic hour.