New Signature Blends - From the Kitchen

The plain bars

At Hey Tiger, we love creating weird and wonderful chocolate flavours! You might even call it our biggest obsession!! But sometimes we simply crave the perfect plain milk choccie that melts in your mouth...or a plain decadent dark bar to dip into our peppermint tea (try it, it's really, really good!). 

And according to you wonderful Tigers, we weren't the the only ones who dreamed of the ultimate block of plain chocolatey goodness! Over the past 2 years we’ve gotten many requests for plain bars and so we decided to make this delicious dream come true.

We started the process by experimenting with all different types of couverture from ethical suppliers around the world. We taste tested many, many blends (you’re welcome!), before settling on the perfect plain bars!

For the dark, we wanted to create a complex flavour, full of fruity notes with a smooth texture. A bar that was plain chocolate, but still unique and delicious! And for the milk, we wanted to create the perfect milk chocolate experience! The ultimate crowd pleaser. A bar that was incredibly moreish, creamy and leaving you wanting more. AND NOW, FINALLY! HERE WE ARE!


Mighty Milk

Creamy, smooth and irresistible. This bar has us coming back for more. The smooth texture melts in your mouth and is the perfect treat for when you want to indulge or experiment in the kitchen!

Have you ever tried to make a hot chocolate with actual chocolate? This is your chance! Simply put a few triangles of this bar in a mug and pour hot milk over it - et voila! Now that's a hot cup of luv!


Dreamy Dark

Our vegan dark is rich in flavour and simply perfect for your cheese board or as a healthy (that’s right! healthy!) treat. Match it with a merlot to bring out the different notes of both the bar and wine, or sip on an espresso for an after dinner pick me up.

Want to take things a little further? How about shaving some of this bar over your smoothie bowl in the morning? Giving you an extra kick off antioxidants to start the day!