Nice Buns - DIY Project

Gift Tag DIY

It’s time to upcycle! We’ve teamed up with craft-based designer - Kitiya Palaskas to turn your Easter into a time of creativity & wonder. 

Create colourful gift tags to accompany all your Easter pressies using the empty box from your Nice Buns chocolate bar. This project makes up to 5 gift tags. Please note, little hands may need an adults' help to complete this project.

You will need

  • An empty Nice Buns chocolate box
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun, double-sided tape, or a strong bond quick dry craft glue


Step 1

Carefully open up the chocolate box and flatten it out. Be careful not to tear the box as you do so.


Step 2

Cut out the Easter egg and little ‘fleur de lis’ illustrations.


Step 3

Cut out the blue daisy strip, then cut it again into even segments depending on how many tags you want to make. We did 3 for ours but you can make up to 5 tags if you like.


Step 4

Use one of the adhesive options to glue or stick a fleur de lis onto the bottom of each egg.


Step 5

Fold each daisy segment into a loop. Glue or stick one loop onto the top back side of each egg so the tag can be hung from a present.


Handy Tip

Hot glue is the strongest and quickest drying adhesive option for this project. If using normal craft glue you may need to weigh the project down to hold each element together as it dries. Wait for the glue to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

And there you go! Perfect to decorate your Easter tree with, or hang wherever you desire. Easter is getting adorably crafty around here!

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And make sure to hop over to Kitiya's page to watch her How To Video's on Youtube here.