MY MUM ROARS! - Mothers Day Loving

Mother's Day is coming up and as cheesy as it sounds, it does make you stand still and think about that special woman who raised you or gave birth to you. The Hey Tiger team in particular got a little sentimental. Our team have worked hard over the past two months, figuratively “birthing” this delicious chocolate brand and releasing it out there in the world. Because of that, or because for the first time it was easy to come up with a mother's day gift. We started thinking of additional ways to thank our mummies. Let’s face it, if not for them, well - Hey Tiger would not be what it is today.


So dear friends, to celebrate the upcoming mothers day and the release of our Mothers Day gift collection, we want to take you behind the scenes and introduce you to the amazing Mum’s of the Hey Tiger team.

From France, The USA, The Netherlands, Mauritius and of course Australia, our mums each have their own story and have inspired us in different ways. One inspired her daughter to be independant, the other taught her daughter to always stand up for what is right. One’s selflessness still humbles her son today and the others invincibility and strength reminds them that no matter how fragile our lives can be, we have the ability to stand strong and overcome even the hardest obstacles.

Whatever their story or whatever way they raised or inspired their daughter or son, we are in awe of our dear mums. So, in honour of them we say proud: “MY MUM ROARS!” And we share with you, in just a few words, what our mothers mean to us…





Tiger: Adele, Head of Production

Mum: Marilyn Parker, born Mauritius and now resides in Melbourne, Australia

One word that describes her: Tenacious

My Mum is the best! Extremely hard working, energetic, loving, generous, humble. I use the word tenacious to describe my Mum because even though her preference is to not be noticed and she loves to serve, she will be the first to speak up for any injustice, she is a woman of principle and it is determined to love everyone!

Tiger: Lauren, Operations Manager

Mum: Patti Beliles, USA

One word that describes her: Feisty

To me Mom is everything - she is funny and fiesty and sweet.  My siblings and I always know we are loved even when she is pushing us to be the best versions of ourselves. She believes people should work hard and take care of one another. She guided me through life while always allowing me to be free and to learn from my own actions.  She is a beautiful person through and through and I am lucky to have her.

Tiger: Bree, Marketing & Partnerships

Mum: Helen Phillips, Australia

One word that describes her: Invincible

Mother of 3, My mum is my hero. She is the kindest and most thoughtful human on this planet. She has been through so much in her life, including battling ovarian cancer at the age of 45. My Mum fought it and came out stronger than ever before - she can seriously take on the world! She is incredibly special to me and holds an enormous place in my heart.

Tiger: Cyan, Founder

Mum: Anne Marmaras, born London (but grew up in Paris) and now lives in Australia

One word that describes her: Amazing

My mum has never let anything stop her. She moved from Paris to London at 18 because she wanted to be a fashion designer and by the time I came along was a successful swimwear designer in New York. She has been the greatest mother (and best friend) I could have asked for; endlessly loving, kind and supportive.


Tiger: Mirte, Creative Director

Mum: Brigitte van der Lugt, The Netherlands

One word that describes her: Unstoppable

Fiercely independent and unstoppable. My mother never sits still and is always in search for new experiences. The older I get, the more incredible I realise she is. From her deep connection with animals to the boundless stories of her youth. She made sure my brother and I were educated beyond the standards of school and urged us to become who we desired to be, not what the world expected from us.


Tiger: Andrew, Systems and Processes Engineer

Name: Cathy Leoszko, Australia

One word that describes her: Selfless

My Mum, the one, the only.

Through everything, she has consistently managed to weave a delicate blanket of love and affection for our family. She has always been there with an unflinching selfless devotion to us and I cannot imagine having anyone better as my mum.



Tiger: Jade, Digital Marketing Specialist

Mum: Christine Butler, Australia

One word that describes her:

Christine is incredible, the quintessential Mum! Imagine giving birth eight times (yes, I’m one of eight)? She made chocolate crackles for my Birthday each year as a kid (I call them chocolate crack). Last year she made them for my son’s 1st birthday, it was an extremely special moment.  


Tiger: Jess, Lead Chocolatier

Name: Leanne Sims, Australia

One word that describes her: Strong

She is my rock. She is my strength, my wisdom, my voice of reason. She is my shoulder to cry on, she picks me up when I’m down. She inspires me and encourages me. She makes me laugh and is always there for me. She is my mum, and I love her.