Good Hare Day - DIY Project

Mini Easter Basket DIY

It’s time to upcycle! We’ve teamed up with craft-based designer - Kitiya Palaskas to turn your Easter into a time of creativity & wonder.

Transform your empty Good Hare Day chocolate box into the cutest woven basket to stash all your Easter eggs! Please note, little hands may need an adults' help to complete this project.

You will need

  • An empty Good Hare Day chocolate box
  • Hot glue gun or a strong bond quick dry craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil


Step 1

Carefully open up the chocolate box and flatten it out. Be careful not to tear the box as you do so.


Step 2

Cut a bunch of strips using the patterned segments from the box design itself as a guide.


Step 3

Cut out all the flower motifs. Put these aside for later.


Step 4

Trace around a small circular object (a glue stick cap is the perfect size) onto an unused section of the chocolate box and cut 2 circles.


Step 5

Glue 4 strips to one of the circles, in a cross formation, with design side facing out.


Step 6

Repeat step 5 with 4 other strips, positioning them into the gaps between the initial 4 you stuck down.


Step 7

Glue the second circle on top of the first, sandwiching the strips inside. Fold all the strips up so they start to resemble a basket shape.


Step 8

Glue three additional strips into little rings, at a slightly larger diameter to the base circle.


Step 9

Grouping the first 4 strips together, slide a ring onto them towards the base of the basket.


Step 10

To continue the weave, repeat step 9 with the other 4 strips and a ring. Repeat this one more time with the third and final ring.


Step 11

Trim off the excess portions of each strip to bring the basket weave level to the top of the 3rd ring. Secure everything together by gluing the tops of the strips to the 3rd ring.


Step 12

Glue one final strip over the top to form a basket handle, and decorate with the flowers you cut out in Step 3.


Handy Tip

Hot glue is the strongest and quickest drying adhesive option for this project. If using normal craft glue you may need to weigh the project down to hold each element together as it dries. Wait for the glue to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Mini basket complete! Isn't it just the most adorable thing you've ever seen? We know we aren't supposed to have favourites...but this one might just be ours.

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And make sure to hop over to Kitiya's page to watch her How To Video's on Youtube here.