Creating our Easter Chocs - From the Kitchen


Soooo, you’ve sampled our Easter flavours, chosen your chocolatey soulmate and turned the packaging into the CUTEST DIY’s. And while you’re sitting back in your favourite armchair, nibbling on your last easter eggs and admiring your crafty creation, you ponder, “who bought these glorious flavours into existence?” The answer to that burning question is Jess, our crazy talented Innovation Manager and flavour extraordinaire! How did she conceive these heavenly creations? Let’s go straight to the source!




"Jess here. Let’s chat all things chocolate! For this Easter collection we wanted it to scream nostalgia! To bring back memories of painting Easter eggs as a kid, crafting with your nan or turning the kitchen into a crime scene while making hot cross buns. While our kitchen remained ship shape, we definitely hit the jackpot with the former two! We went about creating flavours that are familiar but with an unexpected Hey Tiger twist. After experimenting and taste testing MANY flavours (yes, we know! Our jobs are awful) we landed on the winners! 

The three Easter egg flavours: Honey Bunny (Honey Joy & Caramel, White Choc), Happy Hoppin’ (Caramel Popcorn, Milk Choc) and Good Hare Day (Almond Rocher, Vegan Dark Choc).

Three choc bar flavours: A Bunny's Fave (Carrot Cake, White Choc), Nice Buns (Hot Cross Bun Spiced Cocoa Crumb, Milk Choc) and Hop The Road, (Rocky Road, Vegan Dark Choc). Let’s get into my two personal faves!"



 "Happy Hoppin is our OG Easter flavour. We bring it back year after year, mostly because you Tigers always request it..but also because we selfishly want to eat it too! Caramel eggs were always the most coveted when I was a kid! I definitely drew on that nostalgia, and then added popcorn, because who doesn’t love popcorn. The result are these GLORIOUS eggs!"


"When I was working on creating our dark chocolate eggs I kept thinking about these delicious almost rochers I learnt to make back in chocolatier school. And that was the jumping off point for Good Hare Day! I experimented making rocher with every nut under the sun, mixing them with different dark chocolate blends until we hit eureka."


While we were in the kitchen, we decided to quiz ALL of our wonderful chocolatiers on their favourite Easter flavour!