Meet Kitiya Palaskas. The AMAZING craft-based designer who created the packaging for our Easter range. Yes! Kit turned the packaging from our Easter Range into individual DIY projects. With her use of bold colours and quirky themes, Kit’s all about using handmade techniques and traditional craft methods but re-imagined in contemporary ways.

We’ve had the best time bringing this campaign to life, so we caught up with Kit to chat all things craft, career and creative inspiration. Let’s jump straight into it!

Q. We think you have one of the best jobs in the world! Tell us about you - how did you get started in the craft industry? 

A. Thank you! It IS pretty fun I have to say! I have been crafty ever since I was a kid but decided to make it my career during a time when I was assisting a fashion stylist when I was fresh out of uni. She knew I loved to make things, so she'd get me to create bespoke props and costume pieces for her shoots. She started recommending me to her other stylist and art director friends for similar work, and I was able to grow my niche from there.


Q. What’s a typical “day in the life” for you?

A. Every day is different! Some days you'll find me shooting and editing DIY content for clients, other days I might be designing and constructing props for a shoot. I could be on set styling or art directing, or even teaching a creative workshop somewhere out in Melbourne or beyond. I love the variety that my job brings, it allows me to try new things often and keep things interesting!


Q. Where do you get your inspiration from?

A. From so many places! From the tacky cake sections of supermarkets, brightly coloured product packaging, vintage signs, colours and patterns found in the wild while running errands in the city, flowers, cacti and other nature things, op shops and vintage markets, old craft books, travelling through places like Mexico (which are rich in folk art and culture), collecting kitschy souvenirs, $2 shops... the list really is endless. If it's colourful, playful, retro or kitsch, it's bound to inspire me.

Q. What inspired the packaging design and each craft project for this collaboration?

A. I actually drew on some fond memories from when I was a kid spending time at the house of a family friend to dye and paint eggs at Easter. She was an incredibly inspiring and creative woman and her house was filled with folk art, colourful textiles, and interesting ornaments. I LOVED going there, I thought she was so cool. She sadly passed away, but I have really fun memories of painting eggs together and discovering those sorts of Easter crafting traditions. I drew on that for inspiration for sure. 

I am also obsessed with folk art and was influenced by Polish and Scandanavian traditional folk art motifs but obviously wanted to put my own spin on these themes and create work in my own style.  

I thought it would be fun and a trick on the eyes to create the original designs using my signature paper-cut collaging techniques, but then photograph them. When you look at the packaging your eyes might get tricked into thinking the collages are right there on the packet, but then you realise they're photographed. I love injecting little moments of delight and discovery into my work. 


Q. What’s your favourite flavour in the range? 

A. I am OBSESSED with Honey Bunny and A Bunny's Fave. Many, many bars and eggs were consumed during the making of these designs!

Q. What’s a piece of advice you’d give to someone who wants to work in the crafts industry?

A. Just start making! Don't wait for your career to come to you, make it happen for yourself. Start sharing your incredible work with the world, put it out there and make the work you want to be hired for. 

If you have an authentic voice and stay true to what you're passionate about, your uniqueness will shine through and people will start to take notice. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want, and remember that everyone grows at their own pace. Your journey is your own and you can achieve anything you put your mind to!


Q. Tell us why Hey Tiger x Kitiya is the perfect match?!

A. Because we're lovers of colour, imagination, and play, and those are the things that make us unique, AND make us the ultimate dream team.