After sharing our MY MUM ROARS blog post, in which we introduced you to the amazing Mothers of the Hey Tiger team, we got a lot of positive feedback.

Some messages came of course from our own mummies (who, let’s be honest here, had to wipe away a few tears away! Oh bless..!). Others came from our amazing and supportive online community. “This is so beautiful!” “We loved reading your stories!”. But what was even more amazing is that it inspired people to share their own stories with us. Memories from their childhood, what their mothers mean to them and the amazing things their mums had done for them over the years.

We realised that we had something special here! So, with the risk of coming across a little mum obsessed, we decided to continue our #MYMUMROARS story. We asked 5 amazing humans to share with us, and with you, a few words about their mother.

What we got back really touched us. We aren't all so lucky to have a mother like this in our life, nor can we all still celebrate this special day with them. So, for those who are celebrating Mother's Day this Sunday, make it a special one. Because to us, it truly is.


The model and Journalism student is never afraid to speak her mind. Her desire to speak up and bring the worlds stories and truths to light will serve her well once she finishes her studies.
Be sure to follow Mercy on instagram @mercy.sang

Mercy’s Mum's Name: Mary - Kenya
Word that describes Mercy’s mum best: Caring

My mother means the world to me. I am extremely lucky to have a very close relationship with her, she is the most caring, giving and kindest person there is. She’d always put everyone above herself but with the most open and loving heart, she deserves the world and everything this great life has to offer.


Beauty advocate Kate Morris is the CEO and founder of This amazing women started Australia’s first beauty e-commerce site in 1999 from a garage in Melbourne at the age of 21.
You can of course find Kate on instagram @kateadorebeauty

Kate’s Mum's Name: Jill - Australia
Word that describes Kate’s mum best: Wise

My mum made a deliberate choice to raise me not just with love, but with acceptance of who I am as a person. She encouraged me to follow my heart and pursue my dreams, whatever they were, and taught me to believe I could change the world.


She might work as a model but she doesn't like to define herself as that. She loves to write and read, and seeks mental and emotional stimulation from those important things in life. 
To learn more about this amazing lady, find her on instagram,  @biancaguest

Bianca’s Mum's Name: Mette, Denmark
Word that describes Bianca’s mum best: Angelic

I am not one to ever be lost for words, but when it comes to speaking of my Ma, I tend to be. My love and adoration I have for her is sometimes overwhelming. She holds my hand when I need guidance, strokes my head when I need to be touched, reads to me when I can’t sleep and has loved me boundlessly from my first day on this often scary planet. I thank the stars above every night for blessing me with a mother like her. My soulmate!


The stunning mother of 3 is the amazing stylist of our Hey Tiger campaign shoot. She has a distinctive eye for colour, bold versatility and isn't afraid to bring in a little quirkiness. Yeah, she is perfect for Hey Tiger.
Be sure to check out Jam on instagram @_jam______

Jam’s Mum's Name: Josephine - Philippines
Word that describes Jam’s mum best: Random

She is hilarious, strong willed yet kind. She once took home a magpie because it’s leg was broken! A magpie!! in a car?! She taught me not only patience yet acceptance towards other people, regardless of their faults and differences. She’s truly one of a kind and a total hipster.


This lady is a all round creative spirit. The designer and model always puts her friends before herself but this time it was her mother that got all her attention.
Be sure to check out Ellie on instagram @ellielouisecoker

Ellie’s Mum's Name: Jacqui - Australia
Word that describes Ellie’s mum best: Devoted

My best friend, my rock, my guiding light. From my first breath she has been there,  she has built me up and she has kept me grounded. Through wisdom, integrity, and an open heart, she lead me through life with all of its hurdles. Her heart so big, she has helped many, being a shoulder to lean on when others in positions of power and support have given up. She is not just an English teacher but an understanding mentor and a caring confidant to many. I can happily say at the ripe age of 25 that I am truly proud of who I am today because of the incredible woman that raised me. Inspiring, dedicated and devoted, if I can raise my children half as well as you raised me I’ll be one happy bunny. You are one in a million Mum. Stay cute.