A Bunny’s Fave - DIY Project

Bunny Playset DIY

It’s time to upcycle! We’ve teamed up with craft-based designer - Kitiya Palaskas to turn your Easter into a time of creativity & wonder.

Create a pint-sized playset of tiny Easter creatures using your A Bunny’s Fave chocolate box. This project is designed to match the Bunny Playhouse DIY - double the fun and more importantly, double the chocolate! Please note, little hands may need an adults' help to complete this project. 

You will need

  • An empty A Bunny’s Fave chocolate box
  • Scissors
  • Pencil


Step 1

Carefully open up the chocolate box and flatten it out. Be careful not to tear the box as you do so.


Step 2

To create the playset characters, draw little arch shapes around each of the illustrations and use this as a guide to cut them out. Alternatively, if you’re skilled with scissors, you can simply cut around the edges of each of the illustrations instead.


Step 3

Cut out the green and pink side strip. Cut this in half again lengthways to form 2 narrow strips. Cut these strips into little segments, each around 2cm in length.


Step 4

Use the scissors to make little cuts (approximately 0.5cm long) up the centre bottom edge of each playset character. Slot a segment from Step 3 up into each of these cuts to create stands so your characters can stand up.

Voila! Your bunny playset is now complete! Aren't they just the cutest little creations?! Now time to make the playhouse, or one of our other dynamic Easter DIY's.

And make sure to hop over to Kitiya's page to watch her How To Video's on Youtube here.